What do your shoes tell about your personality

What do your shoes tell about your personality

Old people say that shoes show the character of the woman who wears them.

If you prefer expensive and extravagant shoes, than you are probably rich and insist on showing your status. On the other hand, sometimes you may see a woman with old and worn out shoes. Judging by this you may suppose shoes are not that important to her but usually this means she is careless not only about her appearance but also about everything in her own life.

  • High-heeled shoes

If you like these then you are a person who loves to be notable. Sometimes you may feel some shoes are not comfortable but you will keep on wearing them just because of the tendencies. High heels may also be compared to high requirements and high standards.

  • Flat-heeled shoes

Women who buy mainly flat-heeled shoes are elegant and at the same time practical. They do not think only about fashion tendencies but prefer to feel the comfort of the shoes suitable for different occasions.

  • Sneakers

These are the shoes preferred by women who try to hide from people’s attention. They consider that sport shoes and man’s clothing will keep them away from all the fuss of the womanhood.